The APPA Rush - Pet and Animal Category

It’s that time of year again! My entries are nearly ready for the Pet and Animal category for the APPA Awards, but it hasn’t been easy. Stress, pressure, lack of sleep, indecision, edits, re-edits, final edits, prints, re-prints, panic about the matt selection, panic about the lack of time left for shipping! Argh! 

I was well prepared for the Victorian VPPY awards this year. Images were selected well beforehand. The images were sent of to the regional print critique. Feedback was obtained in plenty of time and adjustments were made. I think I had my prints sent in with 2 weeks to spare. Fast forward to the APPA awards and it has been the opposite experience! I have only just sent the prints off to be mounted today at Torquay Print and Framing. They should be ready to send off on Friday, with the entry deadline the following Thursday. Hopefully that leaves Australia Post some time to deliver to Sydney. 

 It has been difficult finding a really good framer who treats the art work with real care in Geelong. The Cotton Rag paper choice makes for a beautiful image, but the print is delicate. A slight brush with a wayward finger can leave marks. I’ve had prints mounted at various places in Geelong and not always with success, however I think I may have found a winner with Brian Chappell at Torquay Print and Framing. The standard of his work is exceptional and he was fully aware of how delicate these prints are. Hopefully his fine work helps elevate some of my images to that next level. Time will tell…

Check out Brian’s website:

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