Now for something completely different

I had the pleasure of capturing the team photos for Barwon Heads Soccer Club last week. They have a fantastic kids setup with a heap of boys and girls teams catering for all ages of youth soccer. Group photos are not my usual forte but I figured, what could be so difficult? Kids? Dogs? OK, my peanut butter trick may not work on the kids but really it is a case of maintaining their attention span for a sufficient time to nail the shot. Clearly I had underestimated the challenge! Especially with the boys teams! Trying to get a team of boys smiling and with their eyes open all at the same time was particularly difficult! There would be the stray glance to the side, mates messing around, eyes closed, tongues sticking out, bad Dad jokes. It was certainly an experience. In the end I believe we got most of the shots for each of soccer teams. The girls teams on the other hand were pros. They just stepped into position, perfect happy smiles with their eyes open. Nailed it with the first shot in most cases! :)

Well done to all of the teams on their season. A very successful one by all accounts. Doing Barwon Heads and indeed Ocean Grove proud!

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