Animals and Children

“Never work with animals or children.” W.C. Fields

Despite the oft quoted phrase, I had a ball! The pet photo session in Leopold on the Bellarine Peninsula changed at the last minute to include a 14 month old girl called Isla alongside her 8 year old Bulldog big brother called Gus and it was a delight. I setup the equipment in a beautiful corner of their back yard. Stunning gum trees and native grasses were the perfect back drop. The weather turned quite overcast just as I arrived, which was a shame because it had been perfect Bellarine Peninsula weather the entire day.

I took a couple of chairs with me as props and they seemed to work perfect for Isla as they were just the right size. She was tasked with feeding Gus his treats, but unfortunately for Gus, Isla decided she liked eating them instead. Haha. A bit of direction from Mum and Dad soon fixed that problem and it was plain sailing from then on in. The overcast weather made for perfect soft lighting in the garden. I added an extra couple of large modifiers at camera left and camera right to bring out a sparkle in their eyes.

Gus is an older dog who struggles with some arthritis so the photo shoot was kept nice and short for him. He loved the treats and the peanut butter and even managed to entertain my idea of wearing a bowler hat for the occasion. We finished off the shoot with some family portraits and I’m sure you’ll agree that they are just delightful. Here is a sneak peak ahead of the clients viewing session. 

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