Client Shoot - Chippie

I had a brilliant dog photography shoot last week with the most gorgeous little Chihuahua called Chip. He was a delight to deal with, sat exactly where we wanted him for as long as required. He responded amazingly to the treats and titled the head to some of the noises we were able to create. All in, he was the perfect model and we got some magnificent photos. Here’s the initial edit slideshow for the client. This is following the first stage edits so that the client can get a sense of what images we have to select from. From here, they can proof the images on the website and select their favourite dog photos to be retouched for printing. You may notice things like stray hairs, dust particles in Chip’s coat and some left over peanut butter on his nose. :) This is what I tidy up in the final retouching process.

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