As part of the Ocean Grove Apple Fair, raising funds for the Ocean Grove Primary School, I supplied a pet photography session voucher which included a pet portrait session and a 20x30” timber print. The lucky winner in the silent auction was Belinda Oliver, who wanted a photo shoot for her wire haired Daschund Beetroot. We managed to get the photo session done just before the coronavirus restrictions made it a bigger challenge. Beetroot was a star and his scruffy wirehaired look was perfect to go with some of the aged suitcases I have managed to acquire over recent months.

Here’s a short slideshow of the pre-edited images.

Belinda decided to upgrade her final purchase to a beautiful boxed frame canvas in a black finish. Here are a couple of very happy customers, enjoying their pet portrait of Beetroot. Hope you enjoy it for many years to come, especially given that it comes with our 75 year guarantee!

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