I received a rushed inquiry recently. Jasper, an English Bull Terrier had been diagnosed with Liver cancer and his health had taken a significant turn. His owner Kaylenda was hoping to get some End of Life photos captured before his cancer was too much for his body but was also concerned that his movements were already limited and that we may not get anything worthwhile. The normal 3 stage process that we follow was completely discarded. We rushed through an appointment and discovered that a trip to the beach usually brings Jasper an extra pick me up. We hastily arranged a pet photo session at the Ozone Jetty in Barwon Heads. True to form, Jasper had an extra spring in his step coming across the sand. He was the perfect model, strutting his stuff along the Jetty and posing perfectly. We managed to get some beautiful lasting photos.

Sadly, I received a message from Kaylenda only a few days after the photo session to say that Jasper had taken his last breaths. Thankfully by rushing through an appointment we were able to get some beautiful photos of Jasper for Kaylenda and her family. Rest in Peace Jasper.


As part of the Ocean Grove Apple Fair, raising funds for the Ocean Grove Primary School, I supplied a pet photography session voucher which included a pet portrait session and a 20x30” timber print. The lucky winner in the silent auction was Belinda Oliver, who wanted a photo shoot for her wire haired Daschund Beetroot. We managed to get the photo session done just before the coronavirus restrictions made it a bigger challenge. Beetroot was a star and his scruffy wirehaired look was perfect to go with some of the aged suitcases I have managed to acquire over recent months.

Here’s a short slideshow of the pre-edited images.

Belinda decided to upgrade her final purchase to a beautiful boxed frame canvas in a black finish. Here are a couple of very happy customers, enjoying their pet portrait of Beetroot. Hope you enjoy it for many years to come, especially given that it comes with our 75 year guarantee!

Kes and Brutus

We got off to a rocky start with this photo session. Kes was overly enthusiastic with her welcome and left me with a love bite! First time that’s happened! Haha. These two were beautiful German Shepherds. Mother (Kes) and Son (Brutus). They have gorgeous golden hair which just came alive under the lights. Brutus was full of beans and loved the cheese and peanut butter. Probably a bit too much! He’ll need a few walks down the beach to work some of it off. :)

Philippine Canine Club

I was excited to be sent an advanced copy of the Philippine Canine Club quarterly magazine last week. Jura, the wire haired pointer that features on my home page features on the front cover and in an article inside the magazine detailing the German Wirehaired Pointer breed standard. It’s great to be published as a dog photographer and the feature looks sensational. I can’t wait to see the front page when it is finally published.

Geelong Cats

..or should I say Geelong Kittens! I had a very challenging photo session with 4 lively little kittens that will be up for adoption in the next few weeks through Geelong Animal Rescue (GAR). They were real live wires. Wary of the camera and lens, wary of the noises it made and preferring to hide behind everything between us. Haha. It was a challenge but they were such fun and as cute as a cute thing on steroids! 

In order to try to keep them in the same spot, I used an old suitcase that my wife’s friend gifted me for such an occasion. It was the perfect prop. We managed to contain them so we could get a few photos of each for their adoption profiles. I also attempted to get photos of the four kittens together in the suitcase and you can see through the series of photographs that I wasn’t very successful. :) One was hiding at the back but as soon as it stepped forward, its sibling ducked below the edge of the suitcase out of view. Regardless, the photos came up a treat and will no doubt help with their re-homing. I’d call that a success in itself. Good luck finding new homes little uns. :)

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